Eucerin Skin Survey Uncovers The New “4 C’s” of Skin Health

Survey Reveals 88 Percent of Moms Believe Skincare Products Play a Role in Their Skin’s Condition, But Don’t Recognize the Many Unobvious Factors Involved

December 08, 2014 08:48 AM Eastern Standard Time

WILTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Eucerin, a Beiersdorf brand, issued the results of a survey highlighting the unobvious external factors that play a role in the health of moms’ skin. These findings include: Climate, family and social ConnectionsCareer stress and constantly changing skin Care regimens are the primary culprits that impact the health of mom’s skin. Eucerin calls these external factors the “The 4 C’s” of skin health.

“Taking a moment of calm is a simple way to combat the challenges your skin faces from the 4 C’s”

The survey revealed that due to these factors, nearly all mothers (94%) consider their day-to-day life to be a little stressful and when they’re strapped for time, it’s not uncommon for their skincare regimen to take a back seat. In fact, findings revealed that over one-third (32%) of moms admit that they’re most likely to abandon their skincare routine when busy, and to make matters worse, more than half (56%) of them feel stressed when unable to complete their regular skincare routine, sending them into a cycle of stress and skin issues.

To help them break the cycle, Eucerin has partnered with board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D. to identify ways moms can be more aware of the “4 C’s” and the role they play in skin health. According to Dr. Tanzi, “The survey results confirm what I see in my practice every day – a majority of my patients think they are taking care of their skin, but they often don’t realize how sensitive it can be to unsuspecting factors. As a dermatologist and someone who struggles with dry, sensitive skin, I recommend products that can be used on a daily basis to prevent skin issues and irritation from happening. I love Eucerin’s Skin Calming line, which offer products that can be used daily and have soothing ingredients for those times when an issue does arise.”

Additional compelling survey findings include:


  • Nine in ten (92%) moms feel their stress levels impact the quality of their skin. Other factors include:
    • Diet: 92%
    • Sleep: 91%
    • Hormones: 90%
    • Genetics: 89%
    • Skincare Products: 88%


  • Only one in four (19%) moms say their skin is consistent throughout the year, citing winter as the most problematic season.
  • Nearly all (94%) moms say their habitat plays a key role in the overall condition of their skin, especially when it comes to sun exposure (94%) and temperatures (93%).


  • Half of working mothers (50%) say their working conditions may very well lead to skin irritation.
  • Mothers take pride in their appearance in the workplace and feel self-conscious when they don’t look their best. It turns out before she books her next appointment at the blow dry bar or nail salon, in fact, the most embarrassing workplace snafu she’s thinking about is her skin:
    • Dry, itchy or irritated skin: 37%
    • Messy hair: 29%
    • Chapped lips: 14%
    • Chipped nails: 6%


  • The majority of moms (81%) say they enjoy regularly taking care of their skin.
  • In fact, moms use moisturizer once per day or more on their:
    • Face: 65%
    • Hands: 64%
    • Body: 55%
  • Moms have nearly nine days a month on average where their skin feels dry or irritated.
  • The biggest skin issues moms face are:
    • Constant or frequent dryness: 47%
    • Itchy Skin: 30%
    • Irritation: 20%
    • Redness: 18%

“Taking a moment of calm is a simple way to combat the challenges your skin faces from the 4 C’s,” said Carole Rissmann, VP Marketing at Beiersdorf, Inc. “Our Skin Calming line of products gives moms and their skin a chance to breathe by preventing and relieving dry, itchy skin, so they can focus on the people and the things that matter most.”

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About the Survey

The survey was conducted via phone by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 mothers ages 25-54 with children under 18 in North America.

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